Individuals make a company unique, but supra-individual factors also determine the performance and the success of a company.

So, it is of great importance that our consultancy gives attention, not only to the
individual manager, but also considers the interaction between the management teams and the cultural climate of the company.

Our advisory and assessment skills enable us to support companies in the identifica-tion, development and retention of top performers and talents at every management level. Furthermore, we accompany change processes and the continued development of executive teams.

Our Approach to Consultation

In Management Diagnostics, we work methodically at the highest possible level and in the process always focus on the person.

Scientifically Sound Methodology

Our managerial diagnostic procedure has been developed using the latest scientific research and findings in business psychology. We combine innovative approaches with proven methods in order to ensure high quality assessments.

Through our methodological expertise and experience in management diagnostics we are able to determine the diverse characteristics of each personality. We then compile detailed reports on their individual aptitudes and development.

Values and Appreciation

It is standard practice that every participant is treated with fairness and respect. Our appropriately chosen methods, while producing scientific results, also encompass these sentiments.
The following values are characteristic of our work methods:

  • Respect, appreciation and tolerance
  • Honest recommendations and reporting
  • Added value and cost effectiveness
  • Quality and sustainability
  • Trust and transparency

We will be happy to provide you with more information upon request. Please feel free to contact us.