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Finding individual solutions for your company is our personal mission; every company is unique, as are the personalities who constitute it. It is therefore important for us to take a holistic view of your situation and to consider your corporate culture and the specific nature of your industry. We advise and support you in all the issues regarding the evaluation and development of specialists and executives. In addition, we support companies in all personnel-related issues and organisational development. In this respect we distinguish ourselves through an extensive needs analysis at the start of each process which for us is the starting point for an optimal and sustainable solution. Our diverse portfolio and many years of cross-sector experience in national and international companies enable us to optimally support you with tailor-made (digital) concepts. We are delighted you are interested in our consulting services and would be happy to answer any questions you may have in person.

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Leadership assessment

Based on our decades of experience in a wide range of industries, we provide high-quality methods to help you select your key personnel. We conduct a thorough assessment of the competencies and potential of your employees, and all our aptitude-diagnostic questions start with a comprehensive clarification of your requirements. We compile various exercises and test procedures in a multi-method approach based on your particular situation, and formulate a suitable competence model, which may still need to be developed.

In addition to a professional organisation and a high standard of our service, the competence and human suitability of the consultants we deploy is also a success factor. Our consultants are characterised by their extensive expertise in diagnostics and extremely client-focused, solution-oriented methods.

All our diagnostic activities are based on our values at all times. We assume responsibility for a transparent process, an appropriate diagnostic framework and the diagnostic result. Furthermore, we not only meet our clients, but also the participants in the procedures in a respectful and sympathetic way but which is also challenging in terms of content. It is a question of fairness and openness to reflect the complexity of the professional requirements in the procedure and to match them with the strengths and the learning fields or limitations of the participants.

We insist on high-quality standards across the board, especially with respect to the diagnostic result and the report generated from it. This should be easy for both clients and participants to understand and provide motivation, because we always monitor the development potential along with the situation-related diagnostics.

All the participants receive initial feedback at the end of our procedures, which combines the impressions from the process with self-assessments carried out online in advance. The feedback focuses on the strengths that have emerged and on the learning fields; it requires linguistic accuracy and the ability to simplify complex psychological images appropriately. A priority for us is to focus on comprehensibility and traceability from the point of view of the participants.

Leadership development

We offer tailor-made national and international development formats for your executives or junior executives. We are happy to support you with innovative (digital) formats.

Every targeted development begins with a precise clarification of the assignment. It is of crucial importance for us to understand your needs and to define common goals on this basis. In times of growing challenges, leadership development and cultural change are often inextricably linked, so we always bring a holistic perspective to your particular situation.

With all our development formats, we focus on the application in everyday professional life and the sustainability of the measures to be implemented. It is important for us to encourage self-reflection among participants and to support them when identifying their "blind spots". We achieve this through theoretical and practical input, a strong connection to everyday working life and personal reflection loops. Individual feedback is also a central element in our development formats.

We always use a combination of methods which may include, for example, activation and feedback methods, content mediation, clearly moderated group situations, methods for brainstorming and structuring ideas and reflection and self-reflection exercises.

The group context also provides the opportunity to deepen old contacts or to create new ones, thus further expanding the company's own network.

We will evaluate the learning transfer with you if necessary.

We are happy to supplement our formats with digital elements, including online-supported test procedures, or we can work with you to create a learning architecture through our digital learning space.

Organisational development

We support you in the context of change processes, the establishment of a new (agile) team or leadership culture and in all other issues that not only affect individuals but entire organisational sectors. We are not strategy consultants who develop new organisational structures, but concentrate on the aspects of your corporate culture. Sustainable change can only succeed with people, and it is therefore important for us to turn the relevant individuals into participants.

We quickly grasp complex issues and develop pragmatic and practice-oriented solutions with you; in so doing we always rely on a high degree of participation and transparency.

Strategic personnel development

We can help you meet the demands of tomorrow. From our point of view, strategic personnel development is a central lever in a company’s success.

In addition to high-quality personnel development instruments, we place particular emphasis on a successful implementation strategy and the interaction of various instruments. It is important for us to achieve a good balance between pragmatism and quality, because the best instrument will not be effective if it is not fully accepted by the managers and the company.

For us, the basis of strategic personnel development is the competence model with tomorrow's requirements. Then questions such as "how" arise as examples:

  • On what basis are employees hired or promoted?
  • Are these requirements reflected in our appraisal interviews?
  • How do I identify my talents?
  • Have we aligned our development programmes accordingly?

In the first stage, we would be happy to gain an overview of the status quo of your personnel development in our personnel development check and build on what already exists. The next step is to develop a prioritised action plan with you.

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