Telecommunications and IT

For more than 20 years we have helped a wide range of companies in the telecommunications and IT segments recruit for key positions. These industries fascinate us: technical innovations change business models and offer new growth perspectives. Changing customer behaviour provides fresh opportunities for new players and entry into the market. We enjoy working in these dynamic industry environments, as they also shape the actors in it, from both the corporate and applicant perspective.

Our experienced industry team deploys its knowhow and extensive network built up over many years to support both global players and medium-sized clients in the service and manufacturing environment. Our expertise covers all functions: from sales to marketing and technology to central functions such as HR, finance and IT. Every year, we advise on a large number of recruitment positions, almost exclusively executive positions and top management level roles.

We are interested in people with a development perspective who are open to change tomorrow that we can’t precisely imagine today.

Our Sector Team