Real Estate

The real estate industry is expanding and fast-moving. New companies, investors and service providers are entering the market, while others are diminishing. The ongoing low-interest phase means there is a strong demand for real estate as a capital investment and that extensive investments in the portfolio are possible. The metropolitan living space is very popular with private individuals, where living space is becoming increasingly expensive and therefore a political issue. Regions with a strong infrastructure represent an important location advantage for companies. The construction and real estate industry is slowly but steadily implementing measures to digitise business processes. The need for qualified managers and experts from the technical, commercial and legal fields who can identify opportunities and risks and act successfully in this agile environment is therefore very high.

Our industry team has decades of experience and comprehensive knowledge of the specific job profiles and specific requirements in the real estate sector and maintains an excellent overview of the market through the continuous, systematic search for executives. This applies to all the functional areas (asset, property and facility management, property and project development, fund conception and management, technology, finance, IT, personnel, etc.) and to all types of use from residential and commercial to special real estate. In addition, we have expertise in the specific features of different company forms and sizes, private investors, institutional portfolio holders, consulting and service companies and the public sector.

In the real estate sector, we are among Germany's leading consulting companies in the recruitment and selection of executives and qualified experts. We support portfolio owners, project developers, fund companies and service providers as well as municipalities and industrial companies.

Our Sector Team