Industrial Companies

SMEs are Germany's most important drivers of innovation and technology. In times of significant technological change, entrepreneurs and managers are all the more challenged to find solutions and to manage change. Our consulting team assists medium-sized companies to recruit for vital technical and commercial management positions. A particular focus of our experience is to advise owners and families on generational and other management changes.

We know the technology leaders in the niche as well as the major and international companies, the broad spectrum of machine and plant manufacturers, electrical engineering and automation and the large metal and plastics processing sector.

The management of medium-sized companies does not follow a uniform pattern, and we therefore ensure that candidates are a good fit for the company and its owners both from a professional and personal perspective. Understanding the specific requirements of a post is therefore always the basic starting point of a systematic search.

Individuality is the specific strength of medium-sized businesses and experience, a high standard of workmanship and flair are essential to successfully and sustainably fill outstanding management positions in the sector.

Our Sector Team