High competitive and cost pressures, policy changes and a significant shortage of skilled workers have always impacted the health sector. Add to this new the challenges of the ageing population as life expectancy continues to rise and therefore the number of age-related diseases. Our world is also becoming increasingly networked; health-related apps, digital patient files and location-independent advice for patients via video conferencing have opened up fresh opportunities and potential in the industry.

For more than ten years we have been seeking and evaluating managers in various institutions in the health sector including acute care clinics, rehabilitation, nursing and scientific institutions. We are aware of the motives that will inspire candidates for a particular role and the specific requirements inherent in the "health" market. This applies to both commercial and medical functions.

Innovative ideas, research and technologies are required to manage change in the healthcare system effectively, along with personalities who can meet the challenges with a combination of expertise, management competence and social responsibility.