Education, science & services



Lifelong learning takes place in a heterogeneous educational landscape with a wide range of opportunities for target groups and forms of teaching and learning. Our clients are providers of publicly-funded and private education, professional and interdisciplinary or professional training and further education, corporate academies and foundations.

We know the decision processes and consulting needs in the education market and carefully consider business models and specific organisational structures in our search and selection processes.

As a neutral body with a competence-based approach, we advise on appointments to strategic management positions and offer candidates a high degree of confidentiality in the application process.



The demands on recruitment decisions in scientific institutions are complex in the diverse fields of administration and research, excellence initiative, target and performance agreements, internationalisation and regional interests. Our clients are universities and colleges, non-university research institutions and science-related and back-up organisations.

We assist committees in their search for first- and second-level executives and promote non-discriminatory selection processes.



Organisations that provide knowledge-intensive services need managers with creative competence and the ability to network. This applies to the public sector and the chamber system as well as to consulting firms. 

It is essential for executives to be innovative and at the same time to preserve what is good and what works so that commitment and orientation can be retained. We are in contact with people who are ready to take up this challenge and organisations who are looking for the right people for the challenges of the future today.

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