Individual training programs


Qualification in management diagnostics

The qualification in management diagnostics is professional further education which is unique in the market in terms of content and depth. All the content is based on DIN 33430 and is aimed at HR professionals and managers who are responsible for conducting job interviews. It enables them to gain specialist knowledge and to learn the relevant techniques to make differentiated statements within the framework of aptitude and potential diagnostic questions. We deepen and practice all the phases of a diagnostic process (requirement analysis, content preparation, interview training, roleplay, analytical exercises, test procedures, feedback, writing a report). The focus is on practical applications and the qualification concludes with a practical test. The content and duration of the individual modules can be adapted to your needs as required at an in-house event. We will be happy to advise you on the specific and individual content.


Training course ‘DIN 33430 from paper to HR practice’

DIN 33430 describes the quality criteria and standards for occupational aptitude diagnostics. This course teaches the DIN-compliant sequence of a diagnostic process. The questions raised here include: “What significance do the DIN 33430 quality requirements have for occupational aptitude diagnostics in practice? Are the diagnostic procedures in our company and DIN 33430 consistent with each other? What are the most important practical tips?"


Interview training

Conducting interviews is still one of the core competencies of HR personnel in their daily professional activities, and is also becoming an increasingly important part of the range of tasks performed by managers. Here, the question always arises: "How do I record the competencies of my applicant? What are the central competence requirements for the position and what questions/techniques can I use to ascertain if the individual is a suitable candidate? Major aspects of the content are the requirements analysis, special question techniques and how to manage critical situations. We can also design a course that meets your requirements and competencies based on your competency model.


Roleplay training

Standardised procedures are essential when interviewing and selecting personnel to always reliably make the correct decision. Interactive methods in particular, including roleplay (e.g. employee interviews, discussions with clients) are extremely effective in practice to gain a more nuanced understanding of the interviewees. As a participant in the roleplay session, you will learn to act confidently and observe and evaluate the simulated situations in a logical and precise process.