Our academy

The ifp Academy for Management Diagnostics is an educational institute for all aspects of management diagnostics which offers specific solutions for your aptitude-diagnostic issues. For us, your needs come first.

The product portfolio ranges from individual training, diagnostic processes (e.g. interview training) to holistic training in management diagnostics. All the steps to obtaining the relevant qualifications are designed exclusively for you and your company and tailored to your specific requirements. We can also integrate your existing instruments into our content.

All our trainers are experts in their field who represent an ideal combination of science and practice and are both diagnosticians and trainers. In addition to theoretical instruction, we also focus on practical exercises. It is important to us that the participants use individual feedback to put what they have learned into practice in the long term.

We are also happy to act as sparring partners and impulse generators for your diagnostic instruments. We can design diagnostic instruments exclusively for your company, including an AC construction kit, and users can be trained on how to use it effectively.

We also offer open training sessions every year at our offices in Cologne.

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Dr. Saskia-Maria Weh
Partner, Degree in psychology

Phone: +49 (0221) 20506130
Mail: saskia-maria.weh[at]ifp-online.de

A key factor for the success of your company is the recruitment of suitable peronalities. With our many years of experience, we qualify you to be able to make diagnostically valid decisions and thus minimize the risk of misplacement.