Kennziffer 16.827/05

The Company

  • financial services organisation in the automotive sector
  • employs 1.400 people and is headquartered in the Rhineland
  • belongs to one of the largest automobile manufacturers


  • ensuring that financial obligations of TKG group are met at any time
  • initiating and leading treasury specific projects
  • preparation and monitoring of asset and funding plans
  • maintaining contacts with international banking partners and representing the European-African Region in global meetings
  • development of Shared Services for the financial services arm and subsidiaries


  • successfully completed business studies or studies of economics
  • expertise in the treasury field and with relevant treasury management systems
  • extensive knowledge in the refunding as well as in the banking sector
  • analytic capability of thinking and good communication skills
  • power of persuasion and good leadership potential
  • resilient, reliable personality and intercultural competence
  • excellent English skills